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By: Melanie Breeze
A nice piece of jewelry can brighten up your entire day. It can bring together an outfit and make you feel great. Paying a lot for that piece of jewelry however, doesn?t make you feel very good. There is a lot of variation in the jewelry industry, and prices can fluctuate greatly between vendors. Your job as a bargain shopper is to find the best quality pieces at the lowest prices. Here you'll find a few tips to get you started in your bargain jewelry hunting journey.

When looking for a good piece of jewelry, you need to understand what you are looking at. Read up on the 4 C?s of diamond grading, as well as the terminology for gold and silver rating. This knowledge will help you find the best jewelry deal possible. Don't get hung up on brand names. Often times, you are paying more for the name itself not the piece of jewelry. Pay special attention to the picture of the piece of jewelry. It should have adequate lighting and give you a good idea of what the piece looks like in person. Ask about the companies return policy, in case you find that the piece is not what you thought it would be.

Whenever possible, try to shop at a discount jewelry store. The quality is often the same as a name brand store, but the prices are significantly lower. Look online for a list of discount jewelry vendors, or try your hand at a closeout site. If a company is going out of business, they will sell their inventory to a closeout site, in order to make some of their money back. The closeout site then offers the products at very deep discounts. You can try for deals on just about anything that you can think of. For an even better deal try going to an online coupon website. You can find coupon codes for a variety of different stores and items. You may be surprised at what you find! Be weary of auction sites when buying jewelry. Many of the sellers are unfamiliar with jewelry terms, and can mislead you into buying something that isn?t right. Ask plenty of questions before committing.

Buying jewelry on a budget has never been easier. With a huge assortment of discount websites, you can find anything and everything at less than the retail price. Imagine how much more your budget will allow, since you are saving so much money!

About the author:
Melanie Breeze, avid online shopper and user of online coupons at, is always shopping around for the best deals. You can find jewelry deals and shopping discounts available around the web at CouponChief, all in one location. Finding a coupon before your online purchase helps you get that extra discount!

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