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By: Mike Yeager
Italian charm bracelets are a very popular item right now. But, what are they and what do they stand for, if anything. Bracelets in general, whether for special occasions like friendship bracelets, or just beautiful ones like diamond tennis bracelets have been worn for years as a regular pieces of jewelry. Of course, there are many styles and types to choose from. Even children enjoy jelly bracelets. Let us explore the different types that we see commonly today.

Italian charm bracelets are easy to find these days. While people have been making and selling them for a century, they have come back into style with a bang within the last few years. These bracelets are usually made from sterling silver and even at times coated with 18K gold. They are fashioned in links with charms fitting into them. The charms have no limit as to what they can be. Animals, symbols, birthstones, religious articles and more. These bracelets are widely available in every quality and value imaginable. Like any charm bracelet, they are custom made to the things the individual likes. A real sense of personality is evident in charm bracelets like these.

Other types of bracelets include magnetic bracelets, friendship bracelets, and even diamond tennis bracelets. Magnetic bracelets are often made from metals, Titanium, Stainless Steel or Copper. Many people claim that wearing one of these types of bracelets will give you added health benefits. They say that wearing a copper bracelet will increase circulation and benefit your health. While that is not proven, they are still very stylish choices to wear. Children often love jelly bracelets. These, made of plastic are often multi colored and traded among friends. Like friendship bracelets, they are symbols of loyalty. Friendship bracelets are often hearts or charms that are split into two or more pieces. Two (or more) friends each get a piece of the charm. The charms fit together and usually have a phrase of love or friendship on them. Other trinkets and charms are sold along with this type. Diamond tennis bracelets, are just what they sound like. Usually in gold or silver, these bracelets contain diamonds or other gems. Usually the precious stone is in a pattern or continuous single line around the piece.

Adding a beautiful bracelet, of any sort, to your collection is a great choice. There are many types, styles, and choices available to the buyer. And, whether you decide to purchase online or at a local jewelry store, doing some basic research and having understanding of what you are looking for will enable you to make the right choice.

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