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By: Mike Yeager
Do you love jewelry? Who doesn't? Who can resist the urge stop into the local jewelry stores and see what's new? Maybe filling up your jewelry box while there! Jewelry to some is a way of showing _expression and style. The latest trends also are reflective in jewelry. Things like nipple jewelry are probably part of the local trend or fad. Or, jewelry can be a way of showing financial status as well. But, whether buying jewelry pleasure or financial gain, jewelry can be a great hobby for just about anyone.

Many people enjoy collecting jewelry in all its forms. And there are many. You may enjoy costume jewelry. Costume jewelry is jewelry that is made of less expensive materials. Its styles usually fit with current fashions. Or, some collect the expensive, large jewels and gold items. These items are very valuable and often times need to be insured against theft or loss. Getting an appraisal for your precious stones and gold is key. There are many reputable places to get them appraised.
If you are in the market for precious stones and pure gold, you may wish to check your local jewelry store. But, they may not carry what you are looking for. In this case, look for specialists who will help you locate the item of your choice.

Many times you can choose gems from those available and design your own piece. Then, the jeweler will put it together for you. This may cost extra, but if you are looking for a specific look, this may be the way to go. Also, old, damaged, and worn pieces can be cleaned and repaired by these stores as well. They can also remove gems or stones from their original piece and put them into something new. Perhaps you are inheriting your grandmother?s ring and would like to put the diamond into a new band that will fit you. All these services are widely available and easy to find.

Other options for jewelry collecting include wholesale jewelry. Yes, it is possible to find precious stones at wholesale. While this is a great way to start a collection, and fill empty jewelry boxes quickly, you need to have a basic knowledge about the quality and cost of different types. Having this knowledge will prevent you from being taken advantage of and possibly being overcharged. You can do some basic research about this online or at a local library. Also, getting to know and trust a local jeweler is probably the best way to know what to look for and what to stay away from.

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