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By: Donna Monday
Ahh . . . sweet romance.

The flowers. The chocolate. The late night whispers of ?I love you.?

For most people in love, the culmination of months of togetherness and special friendship comes down to one single moment: The marriage proposal - - featuring a simple, but elegant, diamond engagement ring.

Of course, if you?re a celebrity, a simple ring may not have enough wattage to suit your tastes. Thus, we see many celebrities sporting five-carat to seven-carat diamond studded engagement and wedding rings.

Well, if you can afford it, why not flaunt it, right?

Take for instance the recent marriages of Britney Spears and Star Jones. When Britney Spears got engaged to her former back up dancer, Kevin Federline, she promptly bought herself an awesome-looking five-carat diamond engagement ring. (Does anyone really believe that Kevin bought this for her on his dancer?s salary?)

Britney bought herself the ring she felt she deserved ? nothing wrong with that. Then, she and Kevin quickly made the leap to matrimony in a matter of months with a surprisingly nice (no lip kissing of Madonna) wedding ceremony.

As for Star Jones, it?s not known whether her stunning seven-carat princess cut diamond ring was bought or donated, but she too happily skipped off to a wedding ceremony with all the trimmings.

So, does all this extra diamond wattage mean that celebrities have a better wedding ceremony than everyone else?

Absolutely, not.

There?s absolutely no proof that their multi-carat diamond rings and fancy wedding accommodations gave them any more satisfaction at the alter than Joe and Jane Doe?s down right sparse nuptials in a run-down back yard.

Buying the biggest and fanciest diamond engagement ring on the planet doesn?t guarantee anything but a nice piece of ice jewelry to show off to your family and friends. Other than that, celebrities have the same odds for a successful, happy union as the rest of us.

And that?s the way it should be.

About the author:
Copyright 2004
Donna Monday
One special moment. One special ring.

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