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By: Sher Matsen
You've said I do. Now what?

Your minds in a whir all the things you need to do to have that perfect wedding. You begin to panic everytime you think of the planning ahead of you. Your mind is going a mile a minute with ideas and plans what to do when to do it, so many questions, so little time. First don't get ahead of yourself. Before doing anything you should grab a pen and paper and follow these simple steps.

First you need to make a list of the things you need to discuss with your fianc?e. Don't go any further until you?ve done this. Although you might be inclined to rush out and start planning. Remember this is his big day too, and he should have a say in the planning of it.

You'll need to discuss:
? the maximum amount your going to spend
? How many people your going to invite
? How you are going to finance your wedding
? What type of wedding your going to have ? big, small, formal, informal
? How many people will be in your wedding party

You'll need to make some time to meet with both sets of parents to further discuss the items above. You need to find out how much, if any the parents will be able to contribute to your costs. You'll need ask them to make a list of who they want to invite - get them to make the list from most important to least important, that way if you need to cut guests you know which ones to cut.

Next set your wedding date. Most wedding facilities advise booking 6 months to a year in advance. You'll want to take into consideration the time of year you plan to get married, any holidays, vacations, or family events that might not work with your date. Once you?ve determined a date that works for your bridal party and family members, as well as yourself, you can move ahead. It never hurts to have a couple of date options

Now you can get those creative juices flowing. Your wedding should fit both your style and your fianc?e?s style. Will it be a trendy wedding, traditional, beach, park?? Get ideas from bridal magazines, books, and the internet which has a wealth of free information available. Start a scrap book. Add items and ideas you like to the scrap book. Then you can use your scrap book for reference as you start to fine tune.

The more organized you are the easier it will be to plan and the less stressful it will be. Keep a day timer of what you?ve done and what needs to be done on or before specific dates. Make to do lists and as you complete tasks scratch them off your list. Be sure to keep your list up current. You might want to buy a wedding management software package or print style. There are some great choices available!

Your wedding is the beginning of a whole new adventure in life. Make the planning an enjoyable part of that planning by being prepared.

About the author:
Sher from Estate Jewelry International has been serving customers for over 20 years, providing fashion, jewelry, and wedding help. Please visit us at

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